All types of animals can be endangered by traffic. Even if you are the most cautious owner possible, there is still a chance that an accident will take place. In the event that your dog has been struck by a car, it is imperative that you maintain your composure in order to lessen the severity of any additional stress your dog may experience and, in the direst of circumstances, to give your dog the greatest possible chance of survival.

Stay Calm

It’s normal to be upset if your dog is hit by a car, but don’t panic. Maintaining a level head will simplify things for you and help your dog relax. Dogs are very attuned to human emotions and readily pick up on indications from their owners regarding how to feel or react. If you maintain your composure, you can prevent your dog from becoming anxious.

Call Your Local Emergency Veterinarian

Call your primary care veterinarian or a 24/7 animal emergency center if it’s after hours or you’re out of town. While most emergency veterinary clinics accept walk-ins, it is always best to contact ahead to let them know what has occurred and that you are on your way. Veterinarians who answer your phone may offer advice on treating your dog’s injuries and preparing him for transport or things like fecal exams analysis

If You’re Driving and It’s Not Your Dog

Call the police or animal rescue, explain the situation, ask what they propose doing, and comply with their directions. You will be instructed to remain at the accident scene until assistance arrives in most circumstances. Also, if the dog’s owner is not there and it is safe to do so, inspect the dog for identification. In addition to the dog’s name and owner’s phone number, dog tags may also include the number of the dog’s usual veterinarian which can help in large animal surgery.

Handling a Terrified or Injured Dog

If your dog has recently been hit by a car, they are likely terrified and hurt. Injured and terrified animals frequently attack anybody attempting to aid them. If possible, it is prudent to muzzle your dog if they are not vomiting. Although many people consider a muzzle a kind of punishment, it will not harm your dog and may be the only option to provide them the assistance they require without risking injury to themselves or others before recieving veterinary urgent care.

Maintain the Dog’s Safety and Comfort

If the injured dog is on the road and safe to do so, relocate the dog to a safer area. Using a blanket or board as a stretcher is one method for achieving this. Keep your injured dog warm by putting them in a blanket while leaving their nose and mouth open so they can breathe freely. If your dog exhibits indicators of breathing issues and you can do so safely, remove or considerably loosen the collar.

Communicate With The Driver 

The driver of the automobile will undoubtedly be shocked by the incident. Request their name and contact information while maintaining composure. It is crucial to remember that in most locations if a dog is hit by a car, the pet owner is responsible for not keeping the dog off the road.


Whether your dog unexpectedly jumps out the door, takes off during a stroll, or escapes from your yard, being struck by a car is dire for your animal. Knowing what to do if your dog is hit by a vehicle may assure the best possible treatment outcome and help you remain calm during the situation.