About Us

For the best aspect of a decade, Maintain Running has been at the core of the web design market. Founded back in 2008–an eon in web terms–we have witnessed a radical shift in the past couple of years: ” We saw that the coining of responsive internet design and its adoption as an industry-standard; we saw the rise and rise of the mobile net; we had been there to the decrease of skeuomorphism, the growth of apartment design, and viewed as the fad came full circle; we watched UX evolve out of a simple design idea to a fully recognized discipline.

We could do so because Maintain Running is a lot more than the usual site: With over 1.1 million newsletter subscribers, and more than 740 million Twitter followers, we are a community. And we are pleased to state that over 90 percent of WebdesignerDepot writers begin as ordinary subscribers.

Our authors deliver the very best insights on design, user experience, and design, since they’re actual designers, working with actual customers, bringing real-world experience to your inbox each morning. Give us a couple of minutes of your daily life, and we’ll be sure that you’re always in the loop.

We are enthusiastic about standards, availability, clean code, and accountable design since we love the net; and we would like you to appreciate it as well. We are here for everyone who calls the net their property. You do not have to be designed from an open plan loft in Manhattan, you do not desire”Guru” within your project name, heck you do not even require a working name; simply be interested about the future of the net, and we’ll finish up.

Our purpose is to continue to develop a creative, supportive, inspiring neighborhood, and we would love you to join us.