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Week Three & Four – Keep on Keeping On

Posted by on Feb 2, 2014 in UrbanMomtographer | 1 comment

There is always a point during a weight loss journey where you hit a bit of a wall, or stumble, or otherwise struggle with your mission. For me, week three was totally the first of those little hiccups. Not only did I put on weight (less than a pound, but weight nonetheless), I was in a kind of mindset spiral. Last weekend was terrible for me; I felt awful and hopeless and extremely upset, but life went on and so did I.

Three Weeks In

Three Weeks Into My Weight Loss Journey


The silver lining to this was that I didn’t give up, and trust me, I found it really tempting. I had to remind myself that these bumps in the road happen, and that they’re only bumps. These don’t define my journey. This was kind of my mantra as I continued focusing on what to eat and what not to eat, and it was a positive experience in the end.

Today marks four weeks of eating well and exercising regularly, and my weigh in today saw me 2.4 pounds less than I was last Sunday. This means that overall, I’ve lost a total of eight pounds, and I am really stoked about that progress.

It’s important for me to set small goals along the way this time, even though I have a large goal in mind that I’m on the way to. If things keep moving according to plan, I should reach my first small goal within two weeks of today and that’s encouraging. Of course, I realize that another bump could be on the horizon but that’s totally okay. What I’m doing right now is working, and that includes being mindful of ingredients, labels, portion sizes, and outgoing calories.

What has been really encouraging has been the way that I’ve really grown to rely on my time at the gym as a time of relaxation. It’s hard work, but it’s also really amazing. Working out is getting me back to health physically, but it’s also playing a part emotionally.

Last time I got really fit, I was in the middle of the decline and ultimately, the demise of a very precious relationship. At the time, I was stressed out and frustrated. It was hard for me to see passed what was going on in my everyday life to the bigger picture.


Now, the problems that I’m facing are smaller, or at least they are more internal than external. Trying to physically become better has given me the opportunity to also look at my internal struggles, which I’m taking on in a new and really exciting way. The only problem with that is that I can be very impatient. I have to remember that this is a work in progress, for both body and mind. The pay off is constant.

It’s not easy everyday. In fact, some days it sucks to get up the energy to go and workout. Some days it feels like I’d just rather eat candy all day. I’m finding, however, that those days are getting fewer and further between. And when I want a treat, I have one because I know that I’ve worked damned hard for it.


Week three was tough, but week four was wonderful. As I head into February, I know that I’m going to do amazing things as I push my limits and become a better, stronger, happier self.

Have you been joining me on this journey? How is your progress moving?

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  1. Katelyn

    Hey Linds – just want to say I’m so super proud of you. You look amazing and you did it the right way, smartly with healthy eating and exercise. You’re seriously amazing. Just wanted you to know that I am one of your many admirers! KEEP IT UP, GIRL!

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