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Rainbow Cupcakes

Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Baking, UrbanMomtographer | 0 comments

Rainbow Cupcakes

As most of my readers already know, we spent last week away on Vancouver Island (read: favourite) enjoying some fun in the sun with our family friends. As is tradition, I took a tonne of photographs and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. By the end of the week, all of us were worn out, sunburnt and needed a vacation from our vacation! At the start of the week, however, we were surrounded by kids, one of which was a nine year old who wanted desperately to host a “kid party” at the farm. And honestly? When a nine year old wants to party? You let her!

In preparing for the party, there was a dressup station created for kids to be whatever they wanted. Watching everyone get into different clothes was so much fun. We had a lot of laughs together that day!

Every party requires snacks, and on top of cutting up veggies and dip, our friends Mandy and Grace made some pretty amazing cupcakes for everyone to enjoy. The idea is one that I think gained popularity from a photo that was passed around on Pinterest last year. I had seen the images of rainbow cupcakes, but kind of thought that the process would be a pain. In fact, it’s a lot of clean up… but not really hard to do. And the results are simply spectacular. There’s a recipe to create these rainbow cupcakes from scratch here, but in our case we just used packaged mix and then followed the directions for colouring and distributing. Regardless of whether you make your cake mix from scratch, the brightly coloured batter will be sure to turn into amazingly fancy cupcakes for your event or just for fun.

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